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Following the success of last year's Christmas Tree Fundraiser (Joy Explosion) wherein I danced 60km along trails designed by local children (see map!) and raised near £10,000, this year I danced 111km (!!!) and raised over £3500. 

In addition I was joined by hundreds of "seedlings" (children from Pollokshields, Glendale and Gleann Dail Primaries).

The funds this year and last are to be used for fun stuff for local kids.  (I will soon be sharing with y'all all the cool stuff the kids have gotten up to in 2021).

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Upworthy (nearly 2 million views):

Featured in Glasgow Times 14/12/21:

Glasgow Live Facebook Video (nearly 100k views):

Another twitter video made by Kirstie Swain!

Also was on Radio Clyde and BBC Radio with Stephen Jardine
and featured in Print editions of the Herald & The National.

*Needless to say I have not benefited in any way financially from this event fundraiser. I have not received payment for any media work, or YouTube views.  I have not taken costs for my expenses.  Kirstie Swain & I signed an agreement with a Media company that any monies generated via the views online will go back to the kids.  (we have yet to see anything but here is hoping!!).  This has been entirely volunteer on my part as I have witnessed a need in my community and I have seen I have a way to do something about it.  And have fun in the process!

monies (after Just Giving takes it's percentage) goes to the schools.

Here's to a joyous 2022 for us all!!!  Thank you heartily to all the marvelous donors who have contributed!!!



Thanks for support from Southside Housing in the Production of the Map & funding festive accessories for local school children.