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Single.Mum (working title)



Performance in process exploring what being a single mum is all about using Mrs. Beeton's Guide to Household Managagement as a reference.


Mrs. Beeton is often thought to be a paragon of Victorian virtue, however she is far from the Dowager she is portrayed.  A journalist, a published author and raised by a single Mum on a racetrack - Isabella Beeton represents a duplicity often subscribed to women who follow a road less travelled.  In Mrs. Beeton's lifetime the middle class trebled in size - as such many felt lost as to their changing roles.  Her guide was just that - a 'how-to survive' for this newly emergent class.  It represented not just how-to - but 'want-to' - a representation of aspirations for many.


In a similar way single Mothers are growing at a significant rate and yet are hardly counted, or if counted, in a negative fashion.  As a single parent myself I am curious to understand the true nature, or truer nature of the single mothering experience, and hear of the achievements and aspirations of an unvoiced population.


In the Summer and Autumn of 2014 I filmed 85 dances in my kitchen (I call them my 'Kitchen Dances' although the project is titled 'Dance Time.Her), these films will serve as basis for exploration.


I am currently in a Residency through  The Workroom (Glasgow Centre for Independent Dance at the Tramway) to take my research and shape the idea into something... 



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