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Livestream Performance & Film Collaboration

“How Good It Was”

18-24 January 2021

10-1030pm GMT

Dance Livestream and film

Kate E. Deeming in collaboration with /'angstalt/



Over six nights between 10-1030 GMT Kate E. will do a livestream dance to the music ‘Kate E.’ which was composed by /'angstalt/ a secluded independent rock band from Germany in response to Kate E.’s two year outdoor dance along the River Clyde in Glasgow in 2010/11.

The performance is a dance ritual influenced by Kate E.’s dance reflections over the past 20+ years where she has studied forms that blend community and mastery- merging ritual in a personal setting, also reflecting on the world’s creation mythology and motherhood. Set in her kitchen it also harks back to her earlier 84 dance series ‘Dance Time.her’ (2014) where she staged nightly dances in her kitchen whilst her toddler son slept. Now in lockdown she is again brought back to the kitchen metaphorically and actually as she is forced due to lockdown restrictions to enclose herself within the domestic realm. Over the week of the series she will not tidy the kitchen space and each night will see her come back to ‘her dance’ as the mess builds. In spite of this, what can be claimed? How does one empower oneself in chaos?

It is poetic and timely to come full circle to this moment - recognising the resonances of simple actions having profound and lasting impact. Six nights of livestream and on the seventh night an edited film.

From M. (/‘angstalt/)

"i discovered kate e. in the summer of 2011, recommended by the youtube

algorithm when i was actually searching for SWANS music videos. her videos of

dancing in public spaces of glasgow and talking about it were far from what i

was originally looking for, but there was such a striking sincerity, openness

and passion about her that i kept watching. later that night, after many

videos, i wrote to her what just had happened to me, and we began talking

about her dancing, our music and views on art and life in general. a few

months later, when stefan was working on a new piano piece, and i introduced

him to kate e.'s videos. he immediately felt how his music reminded me of

those, so naturally we kept calling the piece "kate e.", dedicating it to her

and her work. now in 2021, ten years later, this piece is finally about to

achieve a kind of completeness, with the very kate e. actually dancing to it

in a week long performance. we are truly grateful, this feels like arriving at

a special place you were travelling towards for an eternity."

some notes on the band:

/'angstalt/ is a secluded independent rock band from germany, founded in 1995

and still active with all original founding members. they chose early not to

make a career in music but to have the band as their save haven and valve, to

help get them through life. their music was described as "somewhere between

einstürzende neubauten and pink floyd" and goes from embracing to

confrontative, from uplifting to steamrolling, examining the beauty in

thistles. they've played with bands like cranes, sometree, and the truth

about, and recorded with endraum's roman rütten. "kate e." will be officially

released later this year, as the overture to a new studio album /'angstalt/

have been working on for the past five years.

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