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LEMON TV - keeping it zesty!

Since March I have been infusing my local community of Pollokshields with the Dancing Lemon- my latest dance shenanigan! I am aiming to dance 500 miles for JOY! So far have done over 130.... and have gotten hundreds of people dancing each DAY I am out. It' s pretty spectacular. The project is evolving with the seasons and people. Now it is a mix of the roving lemon which leads to more intimate and personal dances, as well as Corner Discos on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings along the busy commuter spots in Pollokshields, I have hosted two afterschool Lemon Discos in Square Park (attended by 100 local kids and their grown ups), and am in the process of making my second Lemon costume which will be revealed on Tuesday's morning boogie. If you would like to read more you can find posts of the 'particulars' on my and even buy me a coffee? Your support allows me to continue spreading joy and dances. In the meantime here's a wee gallery of zestiness....

You can also see my dancing videos on my Lemon TV YOU TUBE CHANNEL!

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