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(Anti) Social Media Trump and the Holy Cupcake

So about three weeks ago I finally ‘got over’ social media. Although intellectually I had been questioning it’s benefit in my life -in terms of how ‘social’ it really was vs. how much stress and feelings of inadequacy it produced I kept on, scrolling scrolling scrolling as I felt the very life seep from my pores. Then something snapped and I was cured praise the holy cupcake. What a difference it has made in my life. Don’t get me wrong I still want to know what’s going on however I don’t need to see dozens of clips/articles/updates on Trump minute by minute to know he’s a crazyhorse. He is. I know. Or that the Conservative Party have plans to sell the UK to the highest bidder (or lowest if it’s a pal). I read the paper and what’s more I TALK to people. I’ve got this marvellous front garden. I love my front garden. I love digging into the soil watching things pop up (usually it’s my son). Whatsmore I’ve got this lovely community that drifts by and stops for chats. Real people chats. We talk about what’s going on in our life, the world, slugs, whatever. You know all that regular chat we used to have before we got buried in our phones and our tweets. I mean I do hear tweets. That is the birds that float about and swoop in for a snack from our birdfeeder. I like to spend time watching them. Fantastic. And yet I do understand that (social) media can be a tool for communication. I’m trying to work that one out…. Which leads us to my wee project on Saturday! This weekend is Pollokshield’s Ready Steady Grow Festival - a festival that celebrates all the green spaces in my lovely community of Pollokshields, Glasgow.

Enter Stage/Garden Left -


You got that right - we are going to create our very own flip book, using our very own people in real time here in Pollokshields. It will involve dance. And costumes. How it works? Participants get to choose some props and costume, make a dance and FREEZE. We take a few continuous photos and the next participants needs to start with the previous pose before creating their own sequence. The illusion will be one continuous movement - a flip book of dancing Pollokshields! Using social media as a way to connect people for reals. The Festival is Saturday between noon-4- would love to see you there. If you can’t be in attendance I will be sending a link to the Instagram Gallery next week! STAY TUNED. Hope you all are enjoying your life- connecting to real people and whatever it is that helps you to feel social and connected! Big Love


#ReadySteadyGrowPollokshields #SocialMedia #ArtisticHappeningsGlasgow #ArtistGlasgow #CommunityArtsGlasgow

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