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YOU ARE INVITED: The Deeming Guide to Household Dance Management- Performance Sharing

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Have been in The Work Room the past few weeks working through ideas related to my next project about being a Single Mum. I have been looking at Mrs. Beeton's Guide to Household Management as a guide/reference, as she was also raised by a single Mum (for a period), and wrote her guide for the newly emergent middle-classes at a time when many didn't know how to navigate the very rapid changes faced with the dawn of the industrial age and the booming middle classes. Her guide was aspirational as much as 'how to' guide. I feel very similar about my role as a Single Mum - there are more of us then ever before - but what is our role, how do we navigate our modern world which still aspirationally still cling to traditional two parent family model (male/female). I have also been reflecting on my 85 kitchen dances (Dance Time.Her) made between June-November of this year and my past practice which negotiated the world between social engagement/performance/film..... So quite a lot!! On the 22nd February from 330-430pm will share films, some performance ideas and food related to that experience! This is a sharing, so will be very casual, the aim is to develop ideas through June with the project itself beginning in summer/autumn 2015... Hopefully you can give some good feedback -and it would be great to see you! ***First time screening (in Glasgow) of short film 'Threads' (whose director Peter Hastie just screened film 'The Fact She Isn't Dead' at Cannes Film Festival)- the film derives from my earlier film performance work (2007) and it's themes and process retain relevancy to current practice. Will also share films made sure residency, some 'lost' kitchen dance films and some surprises! Look forward to seeing you there :) ! (oh and of course there will be dancing for all!) xxoo

(feel free to RSVP on facebook page

or just show up!)

22nd February 2015


The Work Room


25 Albert Drive

Glasgow G41 2PE

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