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Mother Movements... The Work Room Day 2 of Residency

When I think of the archetypal Mother I think of a weight, a force, a womb, rooted, I think of the earth and the soil. Today I came to the realisation that being a womb for your child extends beyond the pregnancy and into the life. I cocoon, I shield I am weighted to be a ballast for my son’s stormy seas and as climbing frame.

I walked on my toes till I was 18 -many can attest to that fact - it wasn't that I couldn’t walk on flat feet but that I was always ‘perched’ for dancing, to fly and flit through the air, down a corridor or a street. I just realised (today) how much I have ‘come into my feet’. I walk more ‘solidly’ these days. I suppose my son roots me. And whilst I can still pirouette like the best of the them - it is not my natural inclination in my day to day. Today I played with placing myself into the space, found movement through repetition, running, walking, jumping - things to propel me OUT. At the other end I experimented with dancing with my eyes closed or sitting. When I was in Peru studying Inca teachings over 10 years ago, Willaru the Inca priest spoke of ‘shock’ - he said walking the Inca trail would give us a ‘good kind of shock’ that would bring us back into an inner alignment. I can attest I did feel remarkable at the end of it. He pointed out that some have an unhealthy shock when grave things happen to them; accidents or diseases that seem to jolt them back to themselves. We are all familiar with the stories of people who turn their lives around after tragedy. Willaru said there was no need for the suffering if we paid attention to our own rhythms. I see this in my dancing. When I am practicing regularly it is like a personal MOT, a tune up. I find connection in my limbs, an acceptance and awareness of where they are - that extends into my life. When I stand in a space I breathe into my body and almost say ‘where do you need to be’? My body flows and find movement that facilitates it best self, stretches what needs stretches, contracts what needs resting, expresses emotion, celebrates it’s own existence….

TWR Day 2 - Screenshot2.png

#theworkroom #dance #kateedeeming #deemingdreaming #tramway #authenticity #floordance

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