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Top 5 Kitchen Dances!

Screenshot flashdance.png

So accidentally happened upon the 'advanced stats' on my Vimeo page only to discover that my 'Kitchen Dances' (dance time.her) had reached nearly 5000 views! And from across the globe. I find this astounding given the obscurity of it. That aside I've decided to post the TOP FOUR - and a couple treasures you may have missed... just because... :)

The LEAST popular one is this - don't be put off by French title - I think it's quite good...

Fourth - my impeccable rendition of Guns and Roses in a flowery dress

Third - my attempt at Bhangra on 2 hours of sleep approaching midnight...

Second most popular (because a little Anne Hathaway goes a long way)

And the Number One Most popular, a Little Sound of Sunshine - it did bring a smile to my face, even in hindsight :) :

...hope they do for you to!


#authenticity #kitchendance #kateedeeming #singlemum

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