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I've just completed the grooviest-happiest-jive making-bouncing-rockin'-gotta-LOVE-GLASGOW EIGHT DAYS of dancing with other people as part of the Glasgow Green Live Zone Commonwealth Festival Hoo-HA-HA-HA! And it was simply SPECTACULAR :) I figure all in all I danced DIRECTLY with OVER 800 people - and I have films to prove it! See below for all the spectacular love-liness! (Each day was themed musically on the Green so I choose music to go along the VIBE)


(pictured with 'the winners' :)

Warming up the closing night audience with a little Kylie....

As we are all YOUNG AT HEART dancing in the rain came quite naturally.... (Glasgow Mix Tape, the Bluebells played live later on)

We were lucky to see some sunshine however ergo HOT HOT HOT (celebrating Emancipation Day with some Afro Carribean grooves)

Folks explored their inner-Bollywood Star... (Mela Day)


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