Hello lovelies!

I will be DANCING DANCING DANCING as Part of the GLASGOW GREEN LIVE ZONE for the Commonwealth Festival 2014! Come down to Glasgow Green Tuesday the 29th, Wednesday the 30th July, Friday the 1st, Saturday the 2nd of August to see, dance, interact and groove with the HAPPINESS GLASGOW 2014 crew :) Following on from our great grooves and big success at the Queen's Baton Relay we will be spreading the joy disco style. Over the four days we'll be having mini-discos throughout the green and filming with phone to be projected and shared on youtube later on that day.

Musical themes for the week are...

Tuesday - Orchestral

Wednesday - Glasgow Mela

Friday - Carnival Carribean Vibes and Reggae

Saturday - Glasgow Mix Tape!

Look for the yellow dancing disco queen and get in on the grooves :) xx

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