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Dance Time.Her THE SECOND

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I've danced 37 - 30 minute dances now. The experience has been wonderful and challenging. To commit to even 30 minutes when domestic life is so all encompassing (I can't leave the cleaning for another day, those bins won't empty themselves, and my son needs a clean bottle to have his milk from etc etc...). People have been suggesting songs, many of which I have not been familiar with - which has introduced me not only to new music but to a new choreographic language. These 'livestreams' are not so much 'routines' as a 'dancer's sketchbook'. The Vimeo films are the annotated highlights from that time. That said I do have my favourites....

There was my poetic exploration into Guns and Roses

The bathroom dances...

A little Metallica

And a spot of Anne Hathaway from Les Mis...

Of course some days it's just all... too... much...

Have I mentioned most days I've been up since 6 or 7, on full throttle with my toddler - and usually don't put my head down till one or two... of course that might be obvious lol ;-)

Watch Livestream most night's around 10pm (UK time) - although check back right before - it depends on what's going on with the wee fella.....

OR just catch up on the Vimeo Films later :) xx

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