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Dancing and Flowers

Two weeks gone by. 17 dances. 17 dance films. 177 to go.

The experience has been strange, fun, tiring, silly, difficult to say the least.

Most night's the music starts in my headphones and I think 'what the HELL am I supposed to do with THIS'????. As there is no prep, and so far I've no familiarity with the songs I am dancing to - as they have been recommendations and requests from folks.

Some nights it just feels like I'm doing NOTHING - and I have to remind myself this is not a 'performance' per se - but my time to find my own authenticity in dance... and in myself.

And to see what happens....

I am reminded of my garden. When I first moved into my home nearly 2 years ago now - the front garden was piled with weeds and bracken. Two years on, with regular weeding and tending it is looking lovely. Some of that is planned, some of that is trial and error. But the nicest thing is that the tending has fostered real community. When I am gardening neighbours stop and speak to me, and what's more they are inspired to cultivate their (previously derelict) spaces.

I believe that sometimes one needs a suggestion of sort to get things moving. We spend so much time fighting against the have nots, the wants - that we - I - forget to live - to DANCE - the HAVES. And THAT is authenticity - because it is REAL - it is what is there in front of us - it is the very manna of life. And that action of self becomes a catalyst for others to be themselves which is an extraordinary gift.

So I dance and I grow flowers and I see what happens. And that's all there is really!


Every Night usually around 10-1030pm (UK time) - I dance for 30 minutes on a life webstream in a practice I titled 'Dance Time.Her'

All Vimeo short films can be seen HERE

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