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Dance Time.Her

Ten days ago I started my latest dance pledge. 184 - 30 minute dances a day. I call this time 'Dance Time.Her'.

I was inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's talk (Eat Pray Love) on Ted talks wherein she spoke about how important it was to find just 30 minutes a day to dedicate to what you love and DO THAT. So I got an egg timer and for the past ten days from 10-1030pm (ish) - when my son is in deep sleep I dance. It is a far cry from my Broomielaw dances. I am in my kitchen surrounded by reminders of things I have to do - meals to cook, floors to clean, laundry to wash. Domestic duties to keep us ticking on.

I have no option in time or resource to dance anywhere else - so this is it.

Virginia Woolf wrote her emblematic essay "A Room of One's Own" in 1929. She speaks about how important it is for women to have literal and figurative space in their lives in order to be creative.

So this is mine. I've promised myself to dance this pledge from the 21 June 2014-21 December 2014. Already I feel something shifting in a positive way - where we'll be in another 174 days is anyone's guess - but I look forward to the journey!

You can watch the Live Webstream HERE - also all webstreams are recorded and kept for 30 days.

In addition I've been making short films of my dances - which can be seen on my Vimeo page.

Every day I choose a different track to listen to on my ipod (so not to wake my son) which I announce on my twitter feed. Please send suggestions!

Wishing you all sorts of peace and love and good grooves :) xx

#dancetimeher #dancetimeher #elizabethgilbert

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