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Do Some Good

This morning a random man posted a comment on my You Tube channel:

“I hate do-gooders like you, get a f***ing job, get a f***ing life!”

I thought to myself,

“Am I supposed to be a do-badder?”

Then it hit me, this is where we’ve gone wrong, and continue to go wrong, as our policies of government/business are not based upon ‘doing good’. Not overtly based upon ‘doing bad’ either, but often they do.

For (unless you live in an eco-house, grow your own food, and weave your own clothes) most things in our lives of any given ‘value’ are probably based upon exploitation of people, or more likely, the environment. Let your eye glaze across your immediate environment, pick one object, one item of clothing, food… and imagine its life to this point. How did it get here, what made it, and how was it formed? Chances are somewhere – or everywhere – on the path has been grossly inefficient in environmental terms for our comfort, and someone’s profit.

When working in ‘poor’ communities (and I use the word ‘poor’ in reference to something greater than what is in the bank account/or not), I often note how violence is used as a distancing mechanism, a protection. Early in life children learn it is the only way of being. Challenging that creates suffering in their lives, so they learn violence early for survival– emotionally, verbally and physically.

Doesn’t this mirror many of our current economic and political policies?

There has been much focus on the rebuilding the broken community but very little focus on healing the heart. With a wounded core, everything else is fragile – despite façade of strength.

We as a world are facing a similar crisis.

If our core value is corrupted – if we are not mindful of the impact of our choices, ultimately there will be collapse, to rebuild again. And that is hopeful, ultimately.

I’ve been going through some dark nights of the soul these past six months as I’ve faced some big fears. Thanks to my friends who’ve listened to my moaning: and my family for supporting me, I am emerging. I’ve lost collected objects and gained something much greater.

As one man reported to my Father (on a visit from the states) after one of my Broomielaw dances,

“Your daughter, she changes, the air down here, she’s just good, she makes it HAPPY”.

What a gift – I’ve discovered something that creates happiness and has no negative implications.

And hence Random Man on You Tube you are right, I do need to get a life, and that is precisely what I am working on…

With lots of love and sunshine to your collective souls!

Kate E. xx

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