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On Electing...

The word ‘election‘ derives from an Anglo-French word meaning ‘to pick out’.

Today is Election Day in the UK, and many will be ‘picking out’ the candidates they feel best represent their interests. It is extraordinary the breath and width to choose from, which demonstrates the exceptional diversity of human experience. How we can choose democratically leaders who will facilitate the growth and development of our world can be a challenge indeed.

I am participating in a ‘artist exchange’ with students at Gray’s School of Art later this month. Some of the questions that have been posed are ‘what is an artist FOR’ and ‘why be an artist’? The artists who have had the most impact on my life whether the dance of Pina Bausch or the physical practice of Jacques Le Coq, upon greater study also share a tremendous humanism. Their art was a reflection of their desire not just to ‘make art’ but to ‘make life better’, whether by seeking answers to life’s questions or by creating connections between people and communities in the context of their work.

Interestingly this ‘compassionate leadership’ is what I seek in politics.

In today’s world where we are facing challenges on every level of the scale, it is important to remember this is not the first, nor the last time we will face challenge and to remember those individuals who braved even greater storms in a continuous sea of change to create real, lasting and positive change.

We can easily remember greats like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, single souls who believed and believed and believed and created peace, love and connection when everyone said it was not possible. Or we can call up the memories of teachers and family members past and present who continue to inspire, to bring breath, to our lives. And in the remembrance we can recognize our own power. So let’s not be fearful, let’s not settle for the ‘next best thing’, let’s believe believe and believe and LIVE that world.

Once the polling is complete and life moves on continue VOTE with your feet, your voices, your life.

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