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Good Nature (Joy Dances)

At Jupiter Artland with Dance Base Residency (2021)

Film Pentaptych 'Good Nature (Joy Dances) Series' created during Jupiter Artland residency in November 2021 as part of a Dance Base Scotland partnership with their Space Nature Nurture Residency Series.  

The Five films chart the dance progression of Kate E. Deeming as she installs herself in the landscape of Jupiter Artland a contemporary sculpture park and art gallery outside the city of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Good Nature (Joy Dances) is a natural evolution of the durational outdoor film practice of Kate E. Deeming,  represented from her two year Broomielaw dance (2009-2011) till more recent Christmas Tree (2020) and Disco Chicken (2021) dances - embodying the spirit of joy, curiosity and play as Kate E. engages with her space through dance.  The landscape and weather inform the spirit and shape of movement.  In addition she spins a narrative using the built and planned landscape including artworks on site.  

Dancing solo, using only her phone for documentation and edit she captures the spirit of what was in the day, and invites us to celebrate that moment, perhaps inspiring us to reconsider our own physical and personal landscape.


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