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Sale of 18 Costumes from 2020-2023 Street Dance Offerings

In 2020 Kate donned a Festive Christmas Tree outfit and took to the streets to encourage Christmas cheer, fun and to raise funds for her son's school for 'fun stuff'.  Little did she know that her dancing shenanigans would be captured by an onlooker, uploaded and go globally viral. Subsequently the Dancing Tree became a worldwide phenomena gathering interest from every corner of the globe.  She then proceeded to do Christmas Tree dances in 2021 and 2022, adding to the original costume.  


The Christmas Tree is the first of 18 costumes being sold from the artist's personal collection.  The sale includes the original costumes and added head dresses, along with leggings, socks and accessories.  The item will be packaged with a signed certificate of authenticity.


These costumes represents an important part of Glasgow's Civic History. In lockdown and post-lockdown times they reinforced our shared cultural values of joy, community and creativity in a time when they were sorely lacking.


Item can be delivered within Glasgow region (up till the 18th December) or in the Philadelphia (USA) area (after the 19th December) or posted worldwide.

The Collection was sold to a private collector in December 2024, thus bookending a thirty year career in performance.   



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