“Deeming Dreaming” is the moniker of dance artist and community activist Kate E. Deeming.

Philadelphia (USA) born (1973) Artist Kate E. was kept from playing outside her home when the streets became too dangerous.  At the age of seven she began writing plays and performing them in her backyard, soon she invited other kids to join and invited their adults in as audience members (and charged admission!). 


For Kate E. there is no ‘perfect’ or ‘right’ space for creating/making things happen, where one is at any particular time is the perfect space.  

This idea has developed into a 4-decade practice of making dance/films/cakes in the communities she lives.  She has travelled worldwide studying dance that knits communities together, and wherein mastery of form and community engagement co-exist.  These include indigenous Scottish dances as well as Odissi & Kahlbelia dance (India), Bharatanatyam (Sri Lanka),  Flamenco (Spain), and Tango (Argentina).  

Recognising there is very little equitable shared space left in our world & our arts institutions still have many physical/economic/social barriers for inclusion much of her work is outside.  She challenges artists and communities to see themselves differently and to share creativity in the everyday. 


In this time of environmental devastation and social isolation this idea has become particularly relevant. Local economies are about more then financial exchange, it’s about supporting communities that thrive together on every level.

In 2010 Kate E. received a commendation from the Scottish Parliament for her 2-year dance practice along the Glasgow River Clyde, earning her the title of ‘Glasgow’s Morning Dancer’ as well as her two year project with the NGO FunforLife in Sri Lanka delivering dance workshops to children during and after the war.

Kate E. received her Masters in Drama from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama (Now the Royal Conservatoire) and BA (theatre and sociology) from Franklin & Marshall College (PA, USA). She is a member of Actor’s Equity and The Work Room (Glasgow’s Independent Centre for Dance).

Kate E. has been based in Glasgow, Scotland for twenty years.