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Let’s get the world moving & giggling together!

I am a dance artist from Philadelphia, PA, USA based in Pollokshields, Glasgow, Scotland for over 20 years. My MO in life is about getting people to feel good about themselves and in the world.  I do this through dance!

Much of my work is durational in nature- dances that span days or even years involving, in many and creative ways, hundreds and thousands of people. Although trained formally in dance and performance, much of what I do is outside of cultural/creative institutions (hence mostly outdoor dance) as I have found the structure of their operations to be largely exclusive.  I purposely dance where people are over time as a way of building relationships and trust, as we learn to move together, creating communities of dance.


 Over the decades I have worked a lot of what I do/have done is 'hidden', in that it is not announced via media channels (though captured more often these days with social media) aiming instead to inform and enlighten live moments. I am vested in supporting a joyful and loving world, reminding us all we have infinite power and miracles in ever cell of our being.

I have had four of my 'events' go viral around the world. In 2020 & 2021 a video of me dancing as a joyful Christmas tree around the streets of my neighbourhood of Pollokshields, Scotland. Over the darkest week of the year I danced 60km and 100km, simultaneously bringing much joy to those witnessed it and also raising money for local primary schools.

2021 had several fun incarnations of daily dance - in January/February I intiated a daily dance practice of dressing as the Wally/Waldo characters from 'Where's Waldo/Wally' series where Wally could be 'found' in the local environment, if people *choose* to witness.  Those who 'found me' got points.  Later in the year I embodied a 'Disco Chicken' doing daily dances to support my Joy Project through Tramway Beyond Walls, this was witnessed by thousands and resulted in interviews on Radio Clyde.  In August and September I introduced the 'Danstronaut' to children at Drongan & Catrine Primaries in East Ayrshire which resulted in a film/dance/writing collaboration under the banner of 'Tweet'.  The extraordinary films funded through the East Ayrshire Creative Partnership will premiere end 2021.

In 2010 I received a commendation from the Scottish Parliament for my 2-year dance practice along the Glasgow River Clyde, earning me the title of ‘Glasgow’s Morning Dancer’ as well as my two year project with the NGO FunforLife in Sri Lanka delivering dance workshops to children during and after the war.


In the 2019 coverage of my performance happening "Four Corners" which got 500 children dancing on the streets as part of Dance International Glasgow (Tramway with the Work Room) and had another global viral video with Nicola Sturgeon dancing as part of the project,  journalist Paul English referred to me as 'part of the civic architecture of Glasgow"

My 2022 venture is Lemon TV wherein I have created (two) Lemon costumes and aim to dance 500 miles for joy in my neighbourhood of Pollokshields.  This includes a roving lemon dance, as well as Corner Commuter Discos and Afterschool Discos.

Trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (2000) and Franklin & Marshall College (PA, USA, 1995), I also studied Kahlbelia, Odissi, Bharanatym, Flamenco, and Tango in their origin countries exploring how these traditional dances are rooted in their physical and social environments.  This anthropological curiosity has led me to seek how community and mastery meet to knit communities together.  I am interested in where formal and informal practice meet to create sustainable local communities of dance.


I am a member of Actor’s Equity, The Work Room (Glasgow’s Independent Centre for Dance) and IADMS (International Association for Dance Medicine and Science).

“People don’t ask, ‘what are you doing?’ anymore, they say ‘what are you doing next’?  and ‘can I join you’”? (On seeing my costumed shenanigans)

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You Tube: Kate E. Deeming https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKe2BykIWpfIjPBwa2ronWw

You Tube Lemon TV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAVs7cxKaa88sc2xiZNAVCw/about

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